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The capital, Washington D.C


Washington D.C. is an interesting place. As the capital of the country and with a mix of people from around the world, there is a lot of diversity here. While the members of congress and those who attend to them spend lots of money, much of the city is quite poor and very dangerous. You just don’t go to certain parts of the city. However, mixed in with that is a big student population that keeps the city lively; tons of tourists visiting from all over the world; and a huge amount of museums and historic sites to visit. He said that there’s a lot to keep you busy in this city.

Explore the Smithsonian Museums – These museums contain information about everything. From the museum on space, history, nature, art, and more, you’ll never be without something to learn. All the museums are free and they even have free wi-fi. Two of the museums offer IMAX movies and if you save your stub, you can get a second movie for four dollars.

Visit the Holocaust Museum – The Holocaust museum is both wonderful and heart-wrenching at the same time- wonderful because it is so well done and heart-wrenching because, well, it’s the holocaust.

Check out the monuments – All the major monuments are around the National Mall are free and the better part of a day can be spent seeing them. I’m a big fan of the Franklin D. Roosevelt monument – it’s not that well known, it’s relaxing, and not very crowded. There are so many monuments here that you’ll be able to fill a good three or four days with them.

Visit the Supreme Court – The Supreme Court is free to enter and there are 40-minute lectures in the main hall for free and will teach you about the history of the court and how it works.

Tour the Capital Building – The Capital offers free tours throughout the day. Tickets are available at 8:30am on a first come, first serve basis.

Take a walk through Georgetown – Georgetown is the capital’s historic waterfront which today is bustling with activity. The area is a shopper’s paradise and the streets are lined with restaurants from every ethnicity. Take a tour of historic sites, do some shopping and enjoy a meal at a local restaurant.

Tour the White House – Take a tour of the spot where the most powerful man in the world lives. You have to apply in advance to get tickets as there are security screenings you need to go through.

Visit the National Zoo – A great activity, especially if you have kids. You can see a very wide selection of animals here and they often have special exhibits. Moreover, as part of the Smithsonian, this zoo is also free.

Visit Arlington National Cemetery – Visit the memorial to war veterans and the resting places of President John F. Kennedy along with his wife Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and their two children, with brother Bobby nearby. JFK’s grave is marked by an eternal flame. Nearby you can find the Tomb of the Unknown soldier.

Visit the Spy Museum – One of D.C.’s most popular attractions happens to be a pretty fun one — the International Spy Museum. Learn a thing or two about espionage through the museum’s many interactive exhibits, artifacts and film clips. See shoes with fake bottoms, photos of infamous spies, and interviews with former intelligence officers.

See the cherry blossoms – If you’re in Washington D.C. around March or April (or better yet, the transition between the two), you may be just in time for the Cherry Blossom Festival. The Tidal Basin has many cherry blossom trees, which were a gift from Japan to the United States. Their blossoming is marked by a celebration that includes concerts and fireworks. The flowers themselves are beautiful, and make for wonderful photo opportunities.

Visit Old Town Alexandria – Craving some more history? Head across the river to Old Town Alexandria, a small town with cobblestone streets and dotted with colonial buildings and historic landmarks.

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Amazing Historical Facts, Definitions And Types Of Tourism


Surely, you have heard of tourism. In fact, you yourself might have involved yourself in some tourist activities in the past. However, despite maybe having some real life experience as a tourist, there might still be some facts about tourism that you do not know. At the time, you might have simply thought about having fun and traveling around. However, did you know that your tourist activities have also brought some good to the country, state or city you were visiting? In order to find out about the history of tourism, some facts about it, and what advantages tourism can bring, please keep on reading.

History And Fun Facts About Tourism

Some people might find history boring, however it is very important that you know the origins of whatever you are doing. Why should you? This is because, once you are aware of the history of something, you would be able to fully appreciate it even more in this present time. So here are some historical facts about tourism that you should keep in mind.

Did you know that the word tourist was first used way, way back in 1772? And that it was only some couple years later in 1811, when the word tourism was officially used? Seeing these dates should help you recognize that tourism has in fact been ongoing for over 200 years now! Talk about having a long history right?

In addition to that, sometime in 1994, William F. The obald suggested that etymologically, the word tour (from tourism/tourist) comes from the Latin, tornare, and the Greek word, tornos. Basically, both translations mean circle, or to move around a focal axis or central point. On the other hand, the suffix

–ism (from tourism)means a process or action or something that us a typical quality or behavior. On the other hand, the suffix –ist(from tourist) refers to someone who performs a particular action. So what happens when you combine “tour” and “–ism or –ist”? Obviously, you get the words tourism, or tourist however if you take the definitions about into account, the definition then becomes, the action of traveling or moving around in a circle.

How is this significant? Well, it is significant in the sense that basically, when you say moving around in a circle, you are implying that you will be ultimately returning to your original starting place. In simpler terms, you are basically just taking a round-trop where you visit another place, country or city, but you still end up going back home. However, once you do this and you do indeed visit another country on a round-trip, you can now be classified as a tourist!

This unique old definition also connects to the current definition of tourism these days. The current definition of tourism states that tourism is the act of travelling out of your hometown. It could befor business, religious, family, recreation, spiritual or leisure purposes and you only do so for a limited amount of time before you go back home.

pic_travel_and_tourism_degreeDefinitions Of Tourism                

So what are some other definitions of tourism/tourist? Here are some that you should take note of.

  • The League of Nations defined a foreign tourist as an individual who is traveling abroad for a minimum of twenty-four hours. This definition was set back in 1936.
  • However in 1945, the United Nations, a successor of the League of Nations amended the previous definition. Instead of simply twenty-four hours, they included the stipulation that it should be a maximum stay of at least six months.
  • Hunziker and Krapf, back in 1941 also devised their own definition. They defined tourism as the totality of the phenomena and rising relationships that bloom from traveling to cities you are not familiar with. From there, you are able to cultivate relationships with the locals and although you might establish some roots while staying there, it does not really lead to permanent residence.

Types Of Tourism

In addition to those historical facts and different definitions of tourism across time, did you know that there are different types of tourism?

  • Domestic Tourism. Involves residents of a specific country who travel only within their own country.
  • Inbound Tourism. This involves non-residents of the country who travel and stay in a country that is not their own.
  • Outbound Tourism. This involves residents of a particular country who go out of their country in order to explore and travel towards a different country.

These are just some of the historical facts, definitions and types of tourism that you should know. Once again, you should keep all of these in mind and hopefully you would be able to fully appreciate the growth of tourism now.

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How to be a tourist in the hometown?


Have you ever thought about celebrating an event in your own hometown? Most of us waste the whole life in exploring things to find the joy and we believe the joy is something that only can be gotten through the journey to other cities or countries. My wife and I love to explore new places. We at roofing companies tyler tx was discussing things.Where we never thought that our own hometown or city is the best place for us to explore its beauty and nature. Why don’t we try to spend some effort in exploring something nearby? We don’t consider a little joy but are worry about bigger things happening across the world. This mind needs to be changed sooner.

For example, people are fond of knowing what’s going on in other countries and what beaches and islands are people prefer to see. But they don’t think of their hometown and city and visiting the local places isn’t included in their visit programs. You may are thinking that I’m going to offer some tips regarding visiting your own city. Well, be prepared to read some tips and be a little more self-centered now. Let’s learn how we can become tourists in our country or city.

Dress up like a tourist

Remember, you are going to visit your own homeland and it doesn’t mean you should consider the tour less important than that if you would be going to another country. Think if you’re visiting for the first time. Try all the clothes considered when going outside. Get your hat, sunglasses, jacket, and other necessary stuff and pack it in your travelling bag. Remember, you’re not going outside of your country so be careful when meeting the people and your look shouldn’t be as strange as foreigners. Keep calm and visit the places in your own comfort and convenience.

Rent a Car

Even if you own a car, it’s good to rent a car to visit your own hometown. Renting a car will make you feel a real tourist came from another region. The car should be gorgeous and nice looking that you always wanted to drive.

Choose strange routes

Choosing the routes you’re unaware of, seems a bit odd. But, be assured that it’s a witty idea. Why choose the old routes you have always been driving on? Choose the route to make you look tourist in real.  

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City tube chute

NB-Greenery-float-300x211The City Tube Chute is located in In Price Solms Park and is like a water slide for your inner tube that shoots you around a dam on the Comal River. Unbearable summer heat can either make you sit at home cursing or getting out with your family to enjoy the refreshing rivers of New Braunfels and the famous tube chute. Renting an inner tube to take a leisurely float down the Comal River or the nearby Guadalupe helps to beat the heat and have a fun family time. For excitement, there was the city-owned tube chute below Landa Park and the rapids at Camp Warnecke on the Comal or along the Guadalupe.
Tubing down the river is a fun and exciting way to see the wonders of New Braunfels. From the white water action to the magnitude of the fun packed family time, tubing offers more than just a refreshing ride on a hot summer day. Please note that tubing is a popular activity. If equipment rentals are required it is advised to arrive early to avoid disappointment. Equipment rentals are limited and on a first-come first-served basis only; availability of equipment cannot be guaranteed.

The ride down the tube chute comal river is a fun packed adventurous ride for the Texans to beat the heat. The chute New Braunfels has provided great moments of enjoyment through the years for folks trying to beat those hot Texas summers. The City bills it as the longest chute in the world. Not sure about that one, but it is a real fun play area and a great place to go to cool down. After heading down the Chute New Braunfels you can walk the tube back up the hill and ride down it again and again and again.

Prince solms park
Prince solms Park is a beautiful little park located on the cool, crystal clear, spring-fed Comal River (the shortest river in Texas) that is available for tubing down the famous chute and for swimming. The general area around the park often is listed on top ten lists of swimming holes because the water is stunningly gorgeous and always invigorating. The flat water attracts families and co-eds wanting to work on their tans, but codgers have been known to hang out here as well.

The Comal is a nice river for a flat water tubing trip and it is very similar to the trip you could take over at San Marcos. The best swimming holes are located about 200 yards upstream and immediately downstream from the chute.  If you walk into the chute area you will have to pay for admission.  You can rent a tube right at the entrance to the chute, or there are other outfitters such as comal tubes across the street from the chute and they can shuttle you up river and then you can float down to the chute. Pat’s Place is located close by if you want to grab a beer after spending time at the river. From IH 35, Take Loop 337 and turn left onto Common St. in New Braunfels and it should take you to the chute.
In Price Solms Park, the City Tube Chute is like a water slide for your inner tube that shoots you around a dam on the Comal River. Unbearable summer heat can either make you sit at home cursing or getting out with your family to enjoy the refreshing rivers of New Braunfels and the famous tube chute. Renting an inner tube to take a leisurely float down the Comal River or the nearby Guadalupe helps to beat the heat and have a fun family time. For excitement, there was the city-owned tube chute below Landa Park and the rapids at Camp Warnecke on the Comal or along the Guadalupe. More then this you can also enjoy best food at La Vermia Restaurants.

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Go River Tubing

4897795174-fe2c5ce068-b_54_990x660_201406020209Taking a trip on river using inner tubes creates an amazing scene and water exploration for the rider. Whether you prefer to embark on river floating journey during holidays or just at your leisure time, the excitement is extremely great particular when passing by geographical features along river side. The maneuvering and manipulating of river tubing tubes by riders is just an experience of great skill and wonderful sightseeing session. Moving on water while sitting comfortably in an inner tube of a tubing tube and the river current dictates your destination is absolutely incredible and enjoyable. The night life of New Braunfels is also different from the others especially New Braunfels Bar which provide totally different experience of night life.

Tubes which serve as the main equipment used in river tubing are carefully made to give maximum comfort to the rider who is only compelled to use his or her hand to paddle his or her course through the water. Produced in various sizes and colors, some are customized specially made to take a lift when passing through water waves. While some tubing tubes are elegantly designed to accommodate more than one rider some come in an irresistible color that catches the imagination of people particularly the kids. The choice of tubes depend largely on tubers or riders who might feel more relaxed knowing quite well the quality of tubes he or she is riding in. The purpose of riding in river tubing tubes is to enjoy the incomparable mood this game brings particularly when in family. Take your time and relax in your tubing tube get yourself ready to embark on a wonderful water trip of discoveries and skill acquisition.

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Fort Knox, Kentucky

Fort Knox, Kentucky


In our culture, Fort Knox is associated with security – we’ve all likely heard that something is „harder to get into than Fort Knox“. After all, the place is used to store a staggering amount of bullion – close to 150 million ounces of gold, just like the fillings from my Dentist!.


Given the reputation and purpose of Fort Knox, it comes as little surprise that the Fort itself isn’t open to visitors. However, quite a few adjacent areas are not only open but welcoming tourists, which gives people an amazing opportunity to learn about military history and practices.


Fun for all ages


In fact, one might be surprised just how many places in the areas were designed with visitors in mind. The museum and memorial park share a glimpse of America’s military might, both present-day and historical. The walking tour called ‘Bridges to the Past’ is done in a part of the surrounding area that is meant to mimic the 19th century as much as possible.


Interestingly enough, a water park is also open during the summer months – it has slides, pools and picnic tables, making it ideal for a family-oriented trip. Fort Knox is one of the places on my list that I still haven’t went to, but I’m very curious to see our army’s efforts to make tourists feel comfortable.


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Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods


Colorado’s Garden of the Gods is, in some ways, similar to Smoky Mountains. While somewhat less-known, it features rock formations that are even more breathtaking than those of similar areas. Some of them seem gravity-defying, whereas others almost look to be proof of divine intervention.


Indeed, the park was given its name by a 19th century surveyor who was amazed by the geology in the area. Whether gods really use the park as their playground isn’t too important – it’s an amazing place like few others on Earth.


Something to do both for the daring and the cautious


While I’ve always been far too concerned with the risks of rock climbing to actually try it out, the Garden is one place that makes me want to try out my luck. Before going through with the trip to the place, perhaps I’ll try to get in some climbing trainer and try scaling some of the smaller rocks once I’m there.


I’m not too concerned should I deem this a bad idea after all – the park has plenty of things to do for those not interested in climbing. Given the surroundings, hiking and sightseeing could easily prove to be thrilling enough.

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T-Mobile launches unlimited data

T-Mobile launches unlimited data

Remember the days of truly unlimited data? We had AT&T for years and we’re grandfathered into the unlimited data on our iPhones. But watch out any little change of your plan gives them a reason to drop that unlimited status. I remember when I lost mine I was talked into the tethering plan so that I could create my own mobile hotspot for my iPad for my friends.

Well that did it one change and I was no longer under the grandfathered unlimited data plan. And I was Flippin hacked I mean that’s unlimited data man I love that crap. But now T-Mobile recently unleashed it’s truly unlimited LTE data for smart phones. And I just grab that fat daddy I dropped AT&T like a Tonna bricks. And I moved all five lines to T-Mobile on unlimited data cost me about 40 bucks a line.

They also have another plan that is not unlimited but it gives you unlimited streaming music. So now you can listen and stream music to your hearts content from Pandora Spotify Rdio beats and the list goes on. And on and on and on to the break of dawn.

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