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T-Mobile launches unlimited data

T-Mobile launches unlimited data

Remember the days of truly unlimited data? We had AT&T for years and we’re grandfathered into the unlimited data on our iPhones. But watch out any little change of your plan gives them a reason to drop that unlimited status. I remember when I lost mine I was talked into the tethering plan so that I could create my own mobile hotspot for my iPad for my friends.

Well that did it one change and I was no longer under the grandfathered unlimited data plan. And I was Flippin hacked I mean that’s unlimited data man I love that crap. But now T-Mobile recently unleashed it’s truly unlimited LTE data for smart phones. And I just grab that fat daddy I dropped AT&T like a Tonna bricks. And I moved all five lines to T-Mobile on unlimited data cost me about 40 bucks a line.

They also have another plan that is not unlimited but it gives you unlimited streaming music. So now you can listen and stream music to your hearts content from Pandora Spotify Rdio beats and the list goes on. And on and on and on to the break of dawn.

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Amazing Historical Facts, Definitions And Types Of Tourism


Surely, you have heard of tourism. In fact, you yourself might have involved yourself in some tourist activities in the past. However, despite maybe having some real life experience as a tourist, there might still be some facts about tourism that you do not know. At the time, you might have simply thought about having fun and traveling around. However, did you know that your tourist activities have also brought some good to the country, state or city you were visiting? In order to find out about the history of tourism, some facts about it, and what advantages tourism can bring, please keep on reading.

History And Fun Facts About Tourism

Some people might find history boring, however it is very important that you know the origins of whatever you are doing. Why should you? This is because, once you are aware of the history of something, you would be able to fully appreciate it even more in this present time. So here are some historical facts about tourism that you should keep in mind.

Did you know that the word tourist was first used way, way back in 1772? And that it was only some couple years later in 1811, when the word tourism was officially used? Seeing these dates should help you recognize that tourism has in fact been ongoing for over 200 years now! Talk about having a long history right?

In addition to that, sometime in 1994, William F. The obald suggested that etymologically, the word tour (from tourism/tourist) comes from the Latin, tornare, and the Greek word, tornos. Basically, both translations mean circle, or to move around a focal axis or central point. On the other hand, the suffix

–ism (from tourism)means a process or action or something that us a typical quality or behavior. On the other hand, the suffix –ist(from tourist) refers to someone who performs a particular action. So what happens when you combine “tour” and “–ism or –ist”? Obviously, you get the words tourism, or tourist however if you take the definitions about into account, the definition then becomes, the action of traveling or moving around in a circle.

How is this significant? Well, it is significant in the sense that basically, when you say moving around in a circle, you are implying that you will be ultimately returning to your original starting place. In simpler terms, you are basically just taking a round-trop where you visit another place, country or city, but you still end up going back home. However, once you do this and you do indeed visit another country on a round-trip, you can now be classified as a tourist!

This unique old definition also connects to the current definition of tourism these days. The current definition of tourism states that tourism is the act of travelling out of your hometown. It could befor business, religious, family, recreation, spiritual or leisure purposes and you only do so for a limited amount of time before you go back home.

pic_travel_and_tourism_degreeDefinitions Of Tourism                

So what are some other definitions of tourism/tourist? Here are some that you should take note of.

  • The League of Nations defined a foreign tourist as an individual who is traveling abroad for a minimum of twenty-four hours. This definition was set back in 1936.
  • However in 1945, the United Nations, a successor of the League of Nations amended the previous definition. Instead of simply twenty-four hours, they included the stipulation that it should be a maximum stay of at least six months.
  • Hunziker and Krapf, back in 1941 also devised their own definition. They defined tourism as the totality of the phenomena and rising relationships that bloom from traveling to cities you are not familiar with. From there, you are able to cultivate relationships with the locals and although you might establish some roots while staying there, it does not really lead to permanent residence.

Types Of Tourism

In addition to those historical facts and different definitions of tourism across time, did you know that there are different types of tourism?

  • Domestic Tourism. Involves residents of a specific country who travel only within their own country.
  • Inbound Tourism. This involves non-residents of the country who travel and stay in a country that is not their own.
  • Outbound Tourism. This involves residents of a particular country who go out of their country in order to explore and travel towards a different country.

These are just some of the historical facts, definitions and types of tourism that you should know. Once again, you should keep all of these in mind and hopefully you would be able to fully appreciate the growth of tourism now.

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