T-Mobile launches unlimited data

Remember the days of truly unlimited data? We had AT&T for years and we’re grandfathered into the unlimited data on our iPhones. But watch out any little change of your plan gives them a reason to drop that unlimited status. I remember when I lost mine I was talked into the tethering plan so that I could create my own mobile hotspot for my iPad for my friends.

Well that did it one change and I was no longer under the grandfathered unlimited data plan. And I was Flippin hacked I mean that’s unlimited data man I love that crap. But now T-Mobile recently unleashed it’s truly unlimited LTE data for smart phones. And I just grab that fat daddy I dropped AT&T like a Tonna bricks. And I moved all five lines to T-Mobile on unlimited data cost me about 40 bucks a line.

They also have another plan that is not unlimited but it gives you unlimited streaming music. So now you can listen and stream music to your hearts content from Pandora Spotify Rdio beats and the list goes on. And on and on and on to the break of dawn.