Garden of the Gods


Colorado’s Garden of the Gods is, in some ways, similar to Smoky Mountains. While somewhat less-known, it features rock formations that are even more breathtaking than those of similar areas. Some of them seem gravity-defying, whereas others almost look to be proof of divine intervention.


Indeed, the park was given its name by a 19th century surveyor who was amazed by the geology in the area. Whether gods really use the park as their playground isn’t too important – it’s an amazing place like few others on Earth.


Something to do both for the daring and the cautious


While I’ve always been far too concerned with the risks of rock climbing to actually try it out, the Garden is one place that makes me want to try out my luck. Before going through with the trip to the place, perhaps I’ll try to get in some climbing trainer and try scaling some of the smaller rocks once I’m there.


I’m not too concerned should I deem this a bad idea after all – the park has plenty of things to do for those not interested in climbing. Given the surroundings, hiking and sightseeing could easily prove to be thrilling enough.