Fort Knox, Kentucky


In our culture, Fort Knox is associated with security – we’ve all likely heard that something is „harder to get into than Fort Knox“. After all, the place is used to store a staggering amount of bullion – close to 150 million ounces of gold, just like the fillings from my Dentist!.


Given the reputation and purpose of Fort Knox, it comes as little surprise that the Fort itself isn’t open to visitors. However, quite a few adjacent areas are not only open but welcoming tourists, which gives people an amazing opportunity to learn about military history and practices.


Fun for all ages


In fact, one might be surprised just how many places in the areas were designed with visitors in mind. The museum and memorial park share a glimpse of America’s military might, both present-day and historical. The walking tour called ‘Bridges to the Past’ is done in a part of the surrounding area that is meant to mimic the 19th century as much as possible.


Interestingly enough, a water park is also open during the summer months – it has slides, pools and picnic tables, making it ideal for a family-oriented trip. Fort Knox is one of the places on my list that I still haven’t went to, but I’m very curious to see our army’s efforts to make tourists feel comfortable.